The gift of writing

When you make a book you are making a gift for the world. A gift is a talking point, a gesture, the beginning of a conversation, an opening. When you doubt yourself, you close down, you contract, the light can’t get in. Plenty of doubt and fear goes into writing a book, a poem, a song; the biggest being that you will make a complete fool of yourself, and believe me, along the way you will. Yes, there will be moments when you feel so foolish you want to crawl back in your hole and never come out AND there will be moments of total euphoria, as you revel in your audacity and daring to reach for the heights only you know you are capable of.
I’m a bit of a cliff leaper so I’m used to landing flat on my face. It comes with the territory. But something else happened when I launched my book in New York City. Read more here.
Check out a recent interview with Jan by Georgie Walsh on the style journal
Jan was guest blogger last month on Lee Kofmans blog.


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