Procrastination Primer

imagesEveryone, not only writers, suffers from procrastination at some stage in their lives. Many are crippled by it, to others it is an annoying friend who shows up at the worst possible times. Most think of it in relation to a creative project, some unfinished business or a convenient way to deal with things we put in the too hard basket. Few of us realise that procrastination, or its little sister: avoidance, has its tentacles in all parts of our lives. The good news is, if we can unlock its grip in small unimportant ways we can find the key to bringing the BIG P to its knees: getting it to work for us instead of against us.


Imagine a world where you can do all the things you dream of, like writing your book or script without self-imposed obstacles, avoidance or procrastination. Somehow we’ve forgotten that…
‘The writing itself, once you get down to it, doesn’t take long. It’s everything you do to avoid writing that takes up all the time. If you put your mind to it you could write a book on a weekend!’

In this workshop you will learn how to:

— Release the creative energy held hostage by your avoidance
− Transform avoidance habits into creative opportunities
− Visualise your negative critic and deliver the antidote
− Set writing goals and plan avoidance busting maintenance

Be prepared to have fun! Bring along:
− A large plain page scrap book
− Coloured pens
− Some old magazines with lots of pics
− Scissors and glue stick
− Your diary or planner

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