‘Deep inside me is a longing to express myself as a writer.  I reserved my written expression for my own eyes as my inner voice stayed silent.  Then I attended Jan’s course.  She offered a workshop titled Stories of Your Life.  I attended the course expecting to learn a structured methodology for writing.  Instead I experienced a spiritual clearing. Jan found a crack and opened me up. Her workshop… pushed me to a new level.’
Jenn Shallvey, Business coach and founder of www.shareddestiny.com

‘Jan’s rare quality lies in her ability to get the best out of any aspiring artist / worker / client. Her wealth of experience in the creative field and her relaxed nature, make explorations to the heart of creativity so much easier for those who work with her.’
Richard Oh, former CEO of QB World Books, Jakarta

‘Apart from the obvious technical aspects of Jan’s course the thing I learnt most was the need to leave my comfort zone. I was able to go to places I would not normally contemplate. A life changing course.’
Margaret Wilcox, Author of ‘Gone’

‘I can’t forget how much help your Weekend Memoir course was. How I went along with my stories in clumps and after a couple of days of meditation and coloured pens and butcher’s paper came away with them flowing along – the centre point and shape of my story from just one well guided weekend.
Thanks, Thanks, Thanks.’
Marguerite van Geldermalsen, Author of the bestseller ‘Married to a Bedouin’

‘As I said goodbye to you, I thought:
“I’m waving good-bye to a woman who
has changed my life.”
Jennifer Brown, Canada

‘Jan’s subtle and skilful management of the group dynamic brought about a fun, supportive and highly creative working environment, which produced some incredible writing results.’
Jules Jones

‘Jan’s classes helped me develop my ideas, deepen my understanding of my characters and improve the quality of my writing. Most importantly, the weekly contact with other writers provided me with motivation, inspiration and a wonderful bunch of writing buddies.’
Pamela Cook

‘Thanks Jan. I was stuck. My hope for desert writing was to take the next step up but I didn’t know how. It was a week of unadulterated enjoyment, being in the company of like-minded people, having the freedom to sit and contemplate the amazing scenery of the McDonnell Ranges, having fun experimenting, creating characters out of boulders and grass fronds, using too many adjectives (Central Australia is adjective heaven), as well as being looked after so well by Into the Blue. It felt safe to write and risk. It felt safe to walk. Being a surreptitious writer I had forgotten how to have fun writing.’
Rowena Harding-Smith

‘I’ve done nothing since I returned except tell everyone to go to the desert and get inspired.’
Jennifer Moore

‘Completely inspiring! I can’t wait to get back to my desk!’
Angela Goettinger, Business woman, USA

‘Jan treats everyone as an individual and locates and embraces the unique in each person’s writing style.’
Hilary Linstead, Theatrical Agent, Sydney

‘Jan showed us the ease with which it is possible to access from within and bring to the surface an abundance of material using the meditative process.’
Les Miller, Insurance Broker, Sydney

‘Jan skilfully guided us right to our source. It was magical.’
Tamarra Kaida, Photographer, USA/Indonesia

‘Jan is a very gifted teacher. With each member of the group, she cuts through to the essence of what needs to be addressed.’
Sophie Guest, Lecturer, Sydney

‘There is a rare breed of teachers in this world who have the ability to bring out the best in everyone. Jan is one of those teachers.’
Alison Nancye, Business Coach, Sydney

‘I have always done my best pieces of writing in rather a difficult subject either during Jan’s workshops or afterwards.’
Helen Stevenson, Memoir Writer

‘Your help and efforts proved to all attending that even the most unlikely were endowed with the skills necessary to write.  I would recommend to all aspiring writers to attend and benefit from Jan’s workshops.’
Sharn Hunkin, Olive Farmer

‘Jan showed us the ease with which it is possible to access from within and bring to the surface an abundance of material using the meditative process.’
Les Miller, Insurance Broker/ Memoirist

‘I thoroughly enjoyed this course and found it very useful in developing and exploring different writing voices and styles, particularly the meditation exercises which were very productive and managed to be both relaxing and stimulating at the same time.’
Mark Rossiter, writer and software consultant

‘Jan helped me tremendously in writing and developing a  theatre script. She provided very concrete and practical tools, as well as an imaginative framework in which to work. Jan paid a lot of attention to getting students to understand their characters and story and how to develop the work on many different levels.’
Helen Townsend

‘A year ago I went to Jan’s workshop looking for my own voice and  wanting to write a novel. Jan’s techniques helped me leap right into the deep end! I went to another one of Jan’s wonderful courses and just kept on writing. Now, a year later, I have finished my first novel. At this stage my manuscript has found some interest with one of Sydney’s editors and also a large publishing house. There are no promises yet, but I have written a novel! It’s out there!’
Chelsea Gould

‘Jan’s wise words and encouragement have not only given me the tools but also the confidence to continue writing and to do the very best I can to produce a manuscript worthy of publication.’
Heather Clark

‘Why do I keep going back to Jan Cornall and her WOW weekends? It’s her passion for writing, and the way she leads each of us down paths we might not have tried. She cares, Jan, she knows her stuff, she allows each writer’s story to bloom with its own colour.’
Peter Bishop NSW

‘This was brilliant – more then I’d expected. The meditation unlocked knowledge I didn’t know I had. I have never thought of using meditation in that way and I am so glad to have your workbook – and especially the meditation CD, which I use at the beginning of my writing sessions. Thank you so much. That weekend was life changing in that it showed me that ‘it can be done’
Jan Leishman

‘Jan, your use of meditation to lead us into written work is particularly powerful. It’s taken me to writing places I hadn’t known how to access before.’
Jane McKellar

‘This course inspired me to bite the bullet and complete what I’ve started.’
Trish Xavier

‘ The inspiration I found through the week-end has stayed with me and I am committed to completing my book.’
Julie Cooke