At Home Retreat (9mons)

Imagine committing to a nine month writing retreat at home. Even if you can’t take nine months off work, Jan will help you set up a writing timetable and make a committment to this nine month writing program. Imagine if you actually birthed a book at the end of it! As we all know, it’s the things we do to avoid writing that takes up all the time!

This program introduces you to creativity techniques, provides tuition on the essential elements of writing craft, sets up fortnightly deadlines and offers check in calls and detailed monthly feedback sessions on submitted excerpts.

It includes:

One complimentary intro Skype session for goal setting and timetabling. Complimentary Avoidance Buster Manual, WOW Ebook manual and meditation CD. Fortnightly check in emails,  task setting and writing prompts. Monthly Skype feedback sessions on up to 5000 words (1 hour). Optional Desperate Debrief Skype sessions ( limit of 3 @30mins).

At the end of your nine months writing retreat there is every possibility you will have a draft manuscript of your book.

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