Articles on Jan and the Writer’s Journey

ABC Radio Interview with Mary-Lou Stephens

ABC Radio National interview on ‘The Book Show’

Articles  by Jan – Archive

Writing In The Desert: Artshub News

Setting boundaries, combating fear: Realtime Arts Magazine

Fire and blood—Indonesian performance art: Realtime Arts Magazine

Art becomes village becomes art: Realtime Arts Magazine

One woman in many: survival and resilience: Realtime Arts

Walking With Legends: article on Raymond Hawkins:

Australian Arts Groups Invited to Support Indonesian Arts Fest: Artshub News

Welcome to Indonesian Hospitality and a Literary Roadshow: Artshub News

Delicious, Delicious Delicious Ubud Writers Festival: Artshub News

The Third Ubud Writers Festival Comes Of Age: Artshub News

Writer’s Journey on Medium – online mags with contributions from WJ participants.

Creative in Bhutan

Summer Grass – Haiku jottings

High Season Low Season

Writer’s Way – Tips for Creatives

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